Hands are finally thawed from scooping some delicious Timber Raft IPA frozen custard all day Saturday at the inaugural Ottawa Beer Market in Hintonburg.


We were blown away by the people who lined up, stopped by to meet us and have a little taste of what’s to come from Hintonbrew.


Stay tuned to find out more about who we are, what we want to bring to you and where you’ll be able to find us!!

Get Ready Hintonburg – We’re Coming!

We are getting closer and closer to bringing Hintonbrew to a local tap near you! In the meantime, we are very excited to participate in tomorrow’s first annual Ottawa Beer Market!

More than 10 local Craft Beer vendors, including Beau’s, Kichessippi and Ashton Brewery will be on hand to serve you their tasty brews at this unique market. Our brew master, Jason, will be on hand to answer your beer-related questions and give you a sense of what Hintonbrew has in store for you.

Hungry? Nosh on some delicious treats from Hintonburger, Hintonburg Public House and Union 613.

When you’re ready for dessert – come see US! We can’t let you have a taste of our signature Timber Raft IPA just yet, but we do have something fun to offer…hint, hint  The Merry Dairy


So get your toques and gloves out – it’s gonna be a little chilly. But don’t worry, a little brew will go a long way to warming you up. We’ve staked out the warmest spot we can find – near the Hintonburger grills!

Please come visit and remember that proceeds from the event go directly to the ottawariverkeeper.ca, a grassroots charity formed to protect, promote and improve the health and future of the Ottawa River and its tributaries.

See you tomorrow –

12pm – 8pm 

1000 Wellington Street at Irving Avenue

Slow and steady…

Hintonbrew was proud to celebrate Colonel By Day this past weekend. We raised a glass of some frosty IPA in the name of the Colonel as well as Philemon Wright – sometimes credited with suggesting the building of the Rideau Canal.

Always an entrepreneur, Philemon Wright, who arrived in the capital region in 1800, began by clearing land to farm and when that was complete, started the arduous process of establishing his village. Shops, a foundry, lumber mill, bakery and a brewery were priorities.  When funds ran low, he cut timber from his land, built a raft and sailed it down the Ottawa River – yes, really. This was the ingenious beginnings of the Timber Trade that lasted almost 100 years.

From humble beginnings as a farmer, to a leader and founder of what we now call Gatineau, Philemon Wright is an inspiration. Leading the way for others, becoming a voice for his people, and staying true to his roots, we are proud to offer a beer in his spirit.

When will that be, you ask?? 

Well, the raft wasn’t built in a day, and Hintonbrew is working diligently to bring Hintonburg a selection of beer that we can all be proud of.

Stay tuned and watch as we make our way down our own river – albeit a little less wet – of licences, permits and equipment. It is sure to be a rocking ride.

Ottawa now has a new microbrewery: Broadhead Brewing Company

The Broadhead Brewing Company, founded by Josh Larocque and Jamie White, just received their AGCO license a couple weeks ago and they are now able to sell beer.

They offer three selections of beer currently only available at their brewery:

  • Pale Ale
  • Blonde Ale
  • American Wheat Ale (orange peel & coriander)

We just bought a keg of pale ale and it is very good. If you visit the brewery, you can sample their products and judge the beer for yourself.

Not only are they selling beer, but you can also pick up a kegerator at cost!

For those who don’t know what a kegerator is, it’s a refrigerated kegging system for your beer. You’ll never be able to buy a kegging system so cheap and if you don’t have one and you want one, we recommend you purchase it from Broadhead.

The kegerators hold two ball lock corny kegs, comes with a 5lb co2 tank, and a two spout tower. The refrigerator is Energy Star, so even David Suzuki may give you the thumbs up.

At a total cost with tax of $436.00, it’s a steal! You’ll never see a deal like that in Canada. You’ll even be hard pressed to see a deal like that in the US.

Currently, Broadhead is only offering their beer in ball lock corny kegs, so if want to buy their beer now, you’ll have to have a kegerator that supports a ball lock corny keg or you’ll need to buy one of theirs.

They’ll eventually have other ways to purchase their delicious beer, but we personally like they way they’re aggressively getting their product to the consumer.

The Broadhead Brewing Company is located at 81 Auriga Dr, Unit 27, Ottawa and they are selling 19L of beer for approximately $90.00. Again, a great deal for a quality product.

For more information, call 613-695-9444, visit their website at www.broadheadbeer.com, or email jamie@broadheadbeer.com.

Broadhead Brewing Company logo

Josh and Jamie with some brew

The Broadhead Brewing Company fermentors

Custom kegerators for purchase

Congratulations to Kichesippi Beer and Heritage Brewing

It was announced on Friday by the OBJ that Heritage Brewing was purchased by the Kichesippi Beer Company.

Cheers to both.

Before the purchase, Heritage Brewing was producing Kichesippi beer under contract and Kichesippi was selling their kegs to local restaurants.

I’ve had the privilege to try Kichesippi beer and all of Heritage Brewing’s products and they are all great beers.

Both have inspired Hintonbrew.

Hintonbrew beer has arrived in Hintonburg!

Welcome to the official site of Hintonbrew, the official unofficial beer of Hintonburg.

For those who enjoy a Hintonburger at home, you might want to consider washing it down with a Hintonbrew.

Hintonbrew’s flagship product is a real ale and is brewed in the spirit of a true British ale. However, at its heart, it’s a Canadian beer.

Keep watching this site to see how Hintonbrew grows to become the dominant beer of Hintonburg and maybe the World!

Also, we’ll have beer news, commentary, and stuff like that.

Enjoy and keep your eyes and taste buds out for a Hintonbrew.